Sunday, June 9, 2013

Forklift Operator Training

Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training is in demand!

Did you know that OSHA requires forklift operators to be trained and certified every three years?  Ever wonder why? You may have been driving a car for 30 years, yet you only had to be trained, and demonstrated your skills, one time.  Why do we have any workplace safety regulations? Just look at the statistics. Forklifts, formally referred to as Powered Industrial Trucks, are involved in a staggering number of accidents. Part of the problem is the fact that they are so accessible.  You don't even have to open a door to get in. And they look pretty familiar...gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel...looks like something I drove to work this morning. Same thing as a car right? Wrong! Completely different. Rear steer, counter weight, triangle of stability, high lift, no shocks, slick tires, where does one start? Untrained operators are one of the chief problems with forklifts.  Think about the setting where most forklifts are used.  Commercial and industrial facilities with lots of less skilled workers. Operating a forklift is a stepping stone to a better rate of pay for a lot of workers.  Some of those workers might even try to train themselves how to operate the machine.  Its a recipe for disaster.  Hire Training Consultants, Inc. to come to your facility and train your Powered Industrial Truck operators to operate safely. Multi media training presentation, skills demonstration and evaluation, and a written test will be performed to ensure your facility is in compliance with OSHA regulations. And its a great way to show your workers you take safety seriously!